Welcome to Recruit First Responders

Recruit First Responders is a recruitment company with a difference, all our candidates are First Responders!

A First Responder is a unique breed of person. They are highly trained professionals who have a unique set of skills and experience; skills and experience that are an asset to your organisation.

Unlike all recruitment agencies, we are very different. Employers don't pay a Recruitment Fee of $15,000+  to recruit our First Responders, Employers pay a fee to access our database of First Responders.

How Does It Work?

At Recruit First Responders, you are able to search our database and find the people you are looking for. This means you can employee any number of ex First Responders, for a simple subscription fee.

Imagine that, being able to employ 2, 3, 4 or 10 people for as little as $1,000*!

Your subscription fee is based on the  number of people in your organisation. For more information on our subscription levels, please click here.

*subscription pricing as a guide only. Subscription prices range based your headcount

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Think about what qualities you are looking for in a new employee? Often they are basic things like 

  1. Honesty
  2. Ability to understand and follow instructions
  3. High work ethic
  4. Able to handle tight timeframes/deadlines
  5. Ability to work their way through any work problem

Now think about an employee that has been in either the Police, Fire or Ambulance service and ask yourself, how many of the checklist was ticked. Answer - all of them!

So the better question is; why wouldn't I employ person who has been a First Responder!



RecruitFirstResponsers.com is 100% dedicated to our First Responders. Our mission is to continously make it easy for First Responders to be founmd by potential employers. 

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